Unifor Local 114 on strike and requesting assistance, please stop by and support them

Please be advised that Local Unifor 114 has commenced strike action against Magnacharge Battery in Delta.  Workers laid down tools at 10:00 am on Wednesday after they unanimously rejected the employer’s final offer. The main issues in the dispute are two tiered vacation time, wages and term.

Magnacharge’s main customer is  Lordco, a non-unionized company. Reps are attempting to contact Lordco to encourage them not to continue dealings with Magnacharge during the strike.

The Reps have requested support on the picket line as there are only five workers at the site.  If you are able to send support to bolster the line, it would be very much appreciated.

The picket line is at 1279 Derwent Way, Delta and will be up from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

For more information, please contact the Local Rep, Cynthia Anderson at 604-835-1225 or Anderson@uniforbclocals.ca